Friday, July 25, 2014

What is shisha?

Shisha is a mixture of tobacco, molasses, and a vegetable glycerol, which is placed into a hookah pipe and heated until it vaporizes (a hookah is also called a water pipe).

Muassel is the Arabic word for it (meaning honeyed), while shisha comes from the Persian for "glass."

Today, because of health concerns, the tobacco is often left out of the mixture, and fruit flavors or herbs are left in.

Shisha has become popular in the United States, as had the hookah pens that one uses to smoke it, because people are more aware than ever of the results of tobacco smoking. Hookah pens have been popular since the 2000s, usually with college-age students.

The hookah pipe is used throughout the Middle East, and there are hookah lounges in Europe and the United States as well, but the hookah pen is portable and thus easier to use on the go.

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