Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Geneaogical Research: Just what is geneaology?

Genealogy  comes from the Greek word (genea) for "generation"; and (logos) the Greek word for "knowledge".

It's very difficult to spell, although if you remember the root Greek word it makes it easier! bo most people just call it the study of their family history.

Genealogy is the study of a person's family - whether performed by that person, or by someone simply interested in the history of that family.

It's not just a question of looking at old newspapers, or checking online records such as passenger lists of steamships that came to the US during the 1800s or 1900s, or the entrance records at Ellis Island. it also delves into oral interviews of the people involved.

In the past (long past) only nobles tracked their family history - people who owned land and wanted to make sure it descended down the proper family line. But since the 1900s, practically everyone has been interested in their family history - where they came from, etc. because they feel it provides a stepping stone to where they are going.

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