Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Elder Care Abuse and Neglect

The American population is growing older and older, and as it does so more and more of the elderly will eventually end up in assisted living care facilities, memory facilities (specializing in those with with Alzheimer's and other diseases that effect the memory and ability to function), and nursing homes.

Sadly, these facilities do not always care for their patients in ways that family members expect. They cut costs by not doing appropriate background checks, or hire individuals who are not skilled enough for the jobs they have to perform in such a facility.

This is where elder care abuse and neglect come in. 

Patients who are bedridden must be turned on their beds, periodically throughout the day, to prevent bed sores. If they are not given sufficient water to drink they can suffer from dehydration. Malnutrition is also a danger.

If you are facing the prospect of having to place your elderly loved one into a care facility, make sure that you talk to all the people involved - the care givers themselves as well as management - to get a feel for the place. Arrange for someone to make periodic visits, if you cannot do so, to ensure that your loved one is being well taken care of.

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