Thursday, July 3, 2014

Plumbing: What is Hydro-blasting?

Commercial buildings which have foundations of concrete will often require hydroblasting

Hydroblasting, also called hydro demolition (although there is no demolition involved, of course, waterblasting and water jetting, is a technique used for removing the surface area of concrete, or to give a really good cleaning to aluminum or vinyl siding, or even wooden siding.

Whenever it's necessary to remove part of a foundation in order to repair it, you'll often see men with jackhammers - but jackhammers produce vibrations that resonate throughout a structure and can damage it. That's not very safe for the long term health of the building (or for any structure - a bridge, perhaps).

Hydroblasting simply means that a stream of water under tremendously high-pressure is applied to the surface of the concrete, removing it quickly and easily.

That's for commercial uses, but hydroblasting can also be used on any surface (using a less-pressurized stream) to remove dirt and stains and mildew - as from the wooden walls or siding of a house, for example.

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